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Make Change Possible

managed by M. Handwerker (Communication)

About us

Make Change Possible e.V. is a non-profit organization, with the aim of getting people across nations and races to work together, as equal partners, by actively engaging in the local community’s life, in Namibia, Africa. To achieve that, the members of MCP have the power to initiate and execute their own projects, in the areas of sports, language, arts, or any other area of their personal interest. MCP provides them with the necessary tools and support, while giving them the ability to «own» their projects.

Latest project news

Latest news

2017: A Year of Change

  Helen P.  04 January 2018 at 05:37 PM

So, 2017 is done and dusted, and we are all busy looking ahead to 2018. But let's just stop for a moment and reflect on what was achieved last year thanks to your support. It was another great year for MCP. Here are the highlights:
A new classroom was opened at the Meho Kindergarten providing a space for more children to learn and thrive.

In April, the Harambee Challenge saw runners take to roads between Mayana and Windhoek to cover over 700 km to deliver a petition to the Namibian government.The team was made up of runners from Mayana and students from schools in Germany. What a team! What an achievement!

Following the run, Joseph from Mayana returned with MCP members and visited the various partner schools in Germany, bringing first hand news and experience from Namibia. This contact between Germany and Mayana is part of what makes MCP unique and ensures that the educational exchange and bond between the two places is deepened and strengthened.

Joseph then joined runners again for Harambee part II as runners took to the streets between Leipzig and Berlin to deliver the petition to the Namibian embassy in Germany.

For more information and photos, click here to visit our website.

Just over half way through the year and one of MCP's newly established fundraisers, the MCP Flea Market, took place. Generously supported by Heidelberg International School, this event has been held twice and has become quite the hit.

As the schools brokeup for their summer holidays, students and teachers on the annual CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service - part of the IB Diploma Programme) got to work. This year four students from two schools travelled to Mayana to undertake projects over a three week period. They planned projects that included English lessons, learning support, maths lessons, a survey of infrastructure in the area for future planning, and drama. The group organised a Sports Festival for the children of Ndango, Eparu and Meho Kindergartens.

As the year came to close, the crowds once again gathered at Heidelberg International School for the MCP Dinner. Students prepared, cooked, and served a meal, while participants from trips to Mayana presented their experience to an audience of around 60.

It is always important to look forward, but as we pause to look back, it's clear that 2017 was full of positive change and news from Mayana. Of course, challenges remain and we are desperately hoping for a good rainfall and harvest. Of course the level of inequality needs addressing. And of course, there is still change to be made, but it's essential to note the positives and see how far we've come so that we can plan how to keep going. Thank you for your support.

Can we top it in 2018?

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