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About us

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI) is a Nigeria-based non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, non-ethnic, non-profit, humanitarian and educational support organization committed to the resurgence and revival of human values that transcend religious, ethnic and cultural differences. These values include a sense of belonging to a common humanity, respect and consideration for all people, compassion and non-violence, a commitment to preserving the natural environment, and a social service ethic. New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative is registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission and is empowered to work throughout Nigeria in fulfilling our vision and mission.

Our Mission is to help young people to discover and develop their inherent gifts, talents and abilities and to help raise ethically responsible, self-disciplined, and creative citizens capable of participation in a positive and sustainable society. We are deeply committed to providing young people with opportunities to develop a sound knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Nigeria's rich traditional values and cultural heritage and to situate this understanding in a global context through a greater shared acceptance and understanding of our diverse the world.

Our work focuses directly at the heart and to great value of human life. We are building local educational and skills development projects, especially for the benefit of young people, women and children.The focus of our organization is on initiatives that improve educational opportunities and provide life skills, including self-confidence, goal-setting, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork by equipping young people with essential skills that will empower them to become competent, confident, responsible, and caring adults.

Latest project news

International Conference on Youth and Interfaith C

  E. Ivorgba  27 June 2009 at 12:29 PM


About the Conference:

Young people are a major force in the contemporary world. They are at the forefront of global, economic, political and religious developments. In addition to their intellectual contribution and their ability to mobilize support, young people have a unique perspective. How our communities progress is determined, to a large extent, on how much the youth are involved in building and designing the future. Young people are very powerful instruments in promoting global peace, social harmony, friendship and sustainable partnerships. When properly educated, well informed, mobilized and positively engaged, youth can initiate actions that result in unprecedented social growth and development. Religion on the other hand, has the capacity of facilitating the attainment of appropriate standards of excellence, motivating and equipping a compassionate response and influencing citizens to become effective and powerful voices for change, peace and social justice.

This is a very critical time in human history, an opportunity for young people to take initiatives in bringing about real change in our world. The October 2009 International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication offers such a unique and dynamic opportunity to address the pressing concerns and challenges of our collective social existence from faith and youth perspectives. The Conference recognizes that young people are an important part of faith communities and seeks to engage with young people of different traditions and involve them in interfaith work in their communities. The Conference hopes to explore and strengthen our diverse faith and spiritual traditions as we strive towards achieving social cohesion, bringing about reconciliation of opposites and building peace across borders. Through this conference, we hope to promote and create an atmosphere of religious dialogue and such shall serve as a unifying symbol of peace in these turbulent times in our world.

The International Conference on Interfaith Communication will hold from October 24-25, 2009 in Jos, Nigeria.  The Conference is jointly organized by New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative and African Christian Youth Development Foundation, a Jos, Nigeria-based Cooperation Circle (CC) of the United Religions Initiative (URI). The Conference is committed to empowering youth to become responsible and active agents for genuine change and transformation by the provision of opportunities that honour and appreciate their gifts and abilities.  The conference will empower participants to become essential contributors to community well-being and vitality by ensuring that their unique energy and creativity are not denied to their communities.

Conference Theme:

The Conference Theme of “Building Bridges through Interfaith Dialogue and Citizen-to-Citizen Collaboration” will promote interfaith communication and build bridges of love, trust and friendship among religiously diverse youth, and provide a platform for local, national and international collaboration. The conference will engage participants in a dynamic experience of faith development as well as challenge them to positively respond to the universal call to holiness. Through dialogue and working together in this atmosphere of trust and cooperative creativity, the conference will help to eliminate the rhetoric of hate and end various forms of violence perpetrated in the name of religion. This will in turn eliminate the predictable back biting, gossip and mistrust that flourish when interfaith is absent.

The Conference will facilitate the deepening of mutual interfaith understanding through a thoughtful process of dialogue. All this will occur in an atmosphere of frank, open, personal heart-to-heart conversations that respects and accommodates religious, social and cultural needs and sensitivities. The Conference will provide participants with opportunities to explore what brings people together in spite of their different faith and cultural heritage. English will be the official language of the International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication.

2009 Community Leadership Awards. The Community Leadership Awards recognize individuals and Organizations whose leadership has made a significant impact in confronting civic or societal issues. The Awards celebrate people who are rolling up their sleeves, taking initiatives and providing solutions to social problems in their communities.

Registration Information:

v     100 representatives from various local, national, regional and international organizations and academic institutions

v      Must be proficient in English

v      Must have some knowledge of issues relating to the conference

v      Must be able to contribute positively to the objectives and goals of the conference

v      Geographical and gender balance will be respected

Air travel subsidy for International Participants

strongly encouraged to fund their own air-travels. The Organizers will provide accommodations, meals and local hospitality for the duration of the conference only to participants.


Please, download and fill the application form and send by either email or postal mail to New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI), to be received latest by 15th October 2009. There will be no extensions and applications received after this date will not be considered. Application Forms are available for download at our website at: or click here to download THE CONFERENCE APPLICATION FORM.  Participation Fees for International Participants is $100 (One Hundred US Dollars) and N3000 (Three Thousand Naira) for participants within Nigeria. 

Upon receipt of the application forms, the Selection Committee will review all the applications and then send a letter of confirmation by email to successful applicants with the necessary information. Those who require the letter by fax must inform the Organizers accordingly. Please use this letter to apply for your visa if your are coming in from other countries.

Working Language of the Conference:

English shall be the official working language of the International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication

For more information, please feel free to contact:

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative

Tel: +234-8052627310,

Conference Location and Information

We are happy to be able to host the 2009 International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication at the Conference Hall of the National Library of Nigeria, located along Yakubu Gowon Way, beside the Plateau State Polytechnic, in the Capital City of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria’s “Home of Peace and Tourism”. The National Library of Nigeria, Jos is a walking distance away from the Nigeria Television Authority, Jos.

The City of Jos

Known as Nigeria's tourist haven, the city of Jos is situated at the northern edge of a pear-shaped upland known as the Jos Plateau. This upland stretches for approximately 104km. from north to south, and 80km from east to west covering an area of about 8,600km2 or 860,000 hectares. Characterized by impressive ridges and isolated rocky hills separated by extensive plains, the Plateau exhibits a variety of land forms which provide excellent picnic resorts. Several rivers and hillocks are interspersed among the highlands giving the landscape a striking scenery. It maintains an average height of 1,200m (4,000ft) above sea level, and reaches its highest peak in the Shere Hills where it stands at 1,766m (5,829ft).

Another remarkable feature of the Jos Plateau is the clusters of hamlets and villages, which lend colour and beauty to the landscape. These settlements together with the farm plots are, in many cases, demarcated by cactus hedges.

Jos was established in 1915, as a tin transportation camp and its early history was closely linked to the prosperity of the mining industry. In 1967, it became the capital of the defunct Benue-Plateau State and was transformed into the capital city of Plateau State in 1975, thus becoming an important administrative and commercial centre, therefore you find people of different backgrounds (race, tribe and religion) leaving together. With a population of about 1,000,000, Jos remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria. It is adjudged the "home of peace" or as the safest city to live in Nigeria.

Situated almost at the geographical centre of the country and less than 300km from Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Jos is linked by road, rail and air to the rest of the country. It has an equable climate with its average monthly temperatures ranging between 21° and 25° C (69° and 77° F), average humidity of 60% and average annual rainfall of 1,400mm (56").


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Dadin Kowa
Jos, Plateau State

E. Ivorgba

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