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Caritas Internationalis

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About us

Caritas Internationalis (CI) is a world-wide confederation of 164 Catholic organisations working in humanitarian emergencies, sustainable human development, and promoting justice through advocacy on global issues.

Caritas has a permanent local presence in most of the world’s countries. Inspired by Christian faith and Gospel values, we work with the poor, vulnerable, oppressed, victimised and the excluded, regardless of race or religion.

The Caritas confederation is composed of seven regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa (MONA), North America, and Oceania.

Our great strength is the diversity of our membership, which ranges from small groups of volunteers to some of the world’s largest humanitarian and development organisations.

Through the unrivalled outreach of the Catholic Church, Caritas is able to bring together local knowledge at the grassroots level with the combined expertise and resources of a global network. Collectively, Caritas members have more than a million staff and volunteers, drawn from many different walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and religions.

The General Secretariat of Caritas Internationalis is located in Vatican City, and it provides a base from which confederation members are provided with such services as coordination of vital and urgent responses to major emergencies; development of policy and advocacy to shape a better world based on justice, fraternity and compassion; sponsorship, in collaboration with the Caritas regional offices, of capacity-building to enable its member organisations to effectively address complex social, economic, and human rights challenges of today’s world; and to uphold high international standards, transparency, and accountability in their work.

The confederation also maintains delegations in New York and Geneva, where its activities at the United Nations and other international institutions include representation of Caritas members and of community-level and grassroots people as they strive to influence global-level policies, guidelines, legislation and decisions with a special view toward their impact on the most poor and marginalised populations.


Palazzo San Calisto
Vatican City
Holy See (Vatican City State)

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