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Proyecto Peruanos

managed by C. Cavassa

About us

Proyecto Peruanos is an initiative devised by university students, young professionals and professors whose goal is to instill a sense of individual responsibility and generate greater awareness of those in need throughout Peru.

Proyecto Peruanos does not look to address immediate short term needs so much as indispensable long term ones; to encourage more Peruvians to commit to their country by helping its neediest people. The organization operates based on the premise that responsible, independent citizens are critical if Peru is to continue to progress.

Proyecto Peruanos aims to achieve this through the development of small-scale projects in which school and university students participate, and is governed by the following key principles:
1. Love of Peru
2. Dedication to personal growth
3. Individual dedication to the organization of homebuilding projects for families living in extreme poverty

We currently run two projects:
- Emprende Peru: a project to give basic business instruction to small entrepreneurs.
- Proyecto Hogar: dedicated to the construction of houses for people living on limited resources. Specifically, the organization builds three-roomed houses for families living in extreme poverty who haven’t received nor can expect to receive other forms of assistance. Simultaneous with this goal, Proyecto Peruanos also seeks to support the personal development of the volunteers who participate in the construction projects.


Av. Manuel Olguín 335 Of. 801

C. Cavassa

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