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Watoto Wetu Tanzania

managed by Robert H.

About us

Watoto Wetu Tanzania provides a home to vulnerable children and youths in Tanzania. We also enable them to the best possible education, and always try to encourage their autonomy. Our non-government organization and its orphanage were founded in 1998 by today's director Evance Tegete. Ever since we maintain an orphanage in the outer-city of Dar es Salaam and work on public awarness to raise understanding for the situation of our beneficiaries. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's biggest city with more than 4 million inhabitants and lies at the Indian Ocean.
We care for, and support orphans and young people in need of help, such as former street children and/or victims of unpaid domestic work. We focus on the best possible education as this is their key to improve the own living conditions. Of course, we also always try to encourage their development and autonomy.
Presently, we support 63 children and youths of totally different religions, backgrounds and age. 54 of these young people live at the orphanage, whereby some attend boarding schools and only return for school vacations. Nine youths are financially supported with school fees but live with destitute relatives.
All for Watoto Wetu Tanzania committed staff members do this voluntarily, even on the management level. Despite this circumstance we can proudly and thankfully count on many profesional and even university educated staff members (like social workers, accountants, and teachers, among others). We are very grateful for their commitment as these volunteers sacrifice a lot of free time for the sake of the children's and youth's welfare and therewith enable our efficient work.
The funding has always been a big challange for Watoto Wetu Tanzania. Therefore, we absolutely need more donations and sponsors to maintain and improve the living conditions of our beneficiaries. For example often there is no money available for major medical treatments or necessary repairs.
Of course, transparency has a high priority and we stand for a purposive and trackable use of all donations as your support just enables our work.
We depend on every kind of support for reaching our ambitious goals and helping the vulnerable children and youths effectively, please support us on this!


P.O. Box 10169
Dar es Salaam

Robert H.

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