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D*R*E*A*M Project Foundation

managed by M. Foster Murray (Communication)

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Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign

Community Development

Raising Awareness

In order to further our mission of anti-human trafficking, we must aid in building a strong, educated and unified community at the local grass-roots level.

It's vitally important the general populace understands and learns of these sufferings. The only way to stop such exploitation is to recognize its history and be educated in tactics to stop it happening to yourself and those you love.

The DREAM project Foundation works with other local and international organizations to get the word out, and explain the importance of fighting such atrocities.

This is the cornerstone of our work, to stop the exploitation of humanity, and end modern day slavery. Most of our work is centered in SE Asia as this is a major international hub for both importing and exporting oppression.

​In 2012, the United States Department of State listed Thailand as a Tier 2 Watch List country, and Myanmar (Burma) as the lowest, Tier 3, country when it comes to government policy and action in ending human trafficking. Our programs work to build, educate, heal and improve the living standards throughout the area.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Dream project Foundation collaborates with other international NGOs and Foundations to work at ground level alongside the community; building, teaching, protecting, and caring. We use the targeted holistic approach, seeking out high risk areas and working with the community to improve its living standards through a variety of projects.

DREAM Project Foundation is an American 501c3 nonprofit organization, which works to break the cycle of human trafficking through community development. It was founded to fundraise and recruit volunteers for projects in Southeast Asia and serves as an American platform to support Starfish Volunteers which​ was founded in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

The DREAM project Foundation and Starfish Volunteers collaborate to stop human trafficking through the '3-P Approach'; Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution. As a small, grass roots organization in Southeast Asia, we focus primarily on prevention and protection which begin with shelter and continues with education, so those vulnerable are aware of the dangers and able to protect themselves. With awareness, education, and skill sets, rural populations will break the cycle of poverty and exploitation and will be able to educate future generations.

The DREAM Project Foundation imports volunteers and funding to Southeast Asia, working with the local rural populations to improve living standards. Opportunity needs to be increased for locals to receive proper nutrition, education, and develop skill-sets that are necessary to become a productive member of society. Our approach is known as: Targeted Holistic Development, which pinpoints a single community, working to progress and improve the living conditions as a whole, i.e. education, medical care, life skills advancement, and structural growth. As each issue is dependent upon the other, this approach increases all aspects simultaneously, instead of focusing on individual facets. These activities ultimately act as catalysts to inhibit the greater issue of human trafficking in the area. By treating the underlying issues, instead of the symmptoms, together we can provide an education and alternative means to the potential of exploitation and the vulnerability of being trafficked.



M. Foster Murray

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