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You won’t find so many worthwhile, transparent and itemized charitable projects anywhere else, and you can compare them by a wide range of criteria. You’ll rarely have the chance to exchange so directly with friends or project managers. And we pass on 100 of your donation – and you can track online how it helps make that particular place a better one

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On not only can anybody donate, anybody can pitch their own project. Interested?

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Five reasons for

  • More great projects to choose from

    Imagine there was a great project and nobody knew about it! That would hardly ever happen on Here you’ll find thousands of projects from all over the world and for a very broad range of causes. Because we are an open platform, so anybody who wants to pursue a social goal can pitch their project. That’s what the “Long Tail of Charity” is all about: all those with no budget for publicity have the chance to escape anonymity and show their work to the world. No matter whether that’s the Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra or a solar cooperative in Honduras

  • Transparency: Know more about what happens with your help

    Before you engage with you can see clearly and transparently what is planned for your donation. And donating you’ll stay up-to-date about the difference that project is making through blog-posts, photos and videos from the ground. In other words: up until now donation was often a one-way street; now with it’s a roundabout.

  • Get closer

    Dialogue rather than monologue: Through you can communicate at any time with the people involved in a project. You can ask questions, help out with know-how, or discuss and criticise future plans. Hence engagement shapes development. And no matter whether you’ve worked abroad on a project yourself and have now returned, or if you’ve just donated online from the comfort of your own home – with you’ll feel as if you were (still) there on the ground.

  • More evalutation from different angles: with our “web of trust”

    Nowadays everybody has their own critieria for what constitutes a good social project. One person will support a small local initiative in Kenya because a friend of hers who travelled there recommended it. Another will donate to one of the big German charities because he sees them as having produced solid results for decades. Still others only trust a special fundraising certificate or Ashoka, the biggest organisation of social enterprises. At all of these different people and preferences are catered for due to our “Web of Trust” which keeps tabs on every project.

  • More than just 100 percent

    We pass on 100 percent of your donation. And because is free of charge, a project can frequently generate funding more efficiently through us than through any other fundraising channel. But you get even more from us. If, for example, you have donated to more than one project, you get one receipt rather than several different ones. And what’s more, we’re always on hand with technical innovations, tips, tricks and advice – on the platform itself, by email, phone, or here in the Berlin office (fancy a coffee?). Anyway, you can read here how we finance ourselves as a not-for-profit world-improvement enterprise without holding onto any of your donation to a project.

What others are saying

Enough going on about how great we are. We can let others do that for us.


Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz, Secretary of State in the BMZ: German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development: “... I would be delighted if you would accept my invitation to become a member of the BMZ’s innovation council ...” (invitation accepted!)


Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine “Web 2.0 is revolutionizing how we donate .... The most professional outfit comes from the creative team at”


the world’s biggest organisation for social businesses: “ is a brand new kind of online philanthropy marketplace, which revolutionizes the relationship between donor and recipient.”

Peter Eigen

“The global aid system we’ve had up until now needs renewing. It needs to be transparent, participative and direct. Like”

Anna-Maria Mühe


“I want to know exactly what I’m supporting. At that’s possible: anyone can see what impact the donations are having on the ground – it doesn’t get any more transparent than this!”


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