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Christoph B. (Project Manager), written about 3 years ago

Christoph B.
  • Joseph Anthony C.
    Joseph Anthony C. written about 3 years ago
    Dear Christoph!
    I humbly request you to kindly support to provide safe class rooms and nutrition to 50 unfortunate children in a largest remote slum school in India. I appeal to you for your kind help. Very sad to tell you that 5000 families from rural villages are migrated and living together in a large slum in Guntur, India for the last 6 years without any facilities. This slum is situated 12 kms far away from Guntur city.

    There is no school, no health care centre and no good houses for these families. All the families go for works and the children are out of schools for the past 6 years. At this unfortunate situation our organization started a primary school in a small hut for all the out of school children in this slum for the last one year with our local resources. Two teachers are providing education to the children. But the children are very weak and ill health due to no sufficient nutritional food in their homes, hence children are not growing and affected. And also we are running classes in a open hut and not safe to run classes. Our organization, BASS is a registered NGO and established in 1978 to work for the welfare of poor people in Guntur district. I humbly request you to kindly join with us in our project and help the needy children to give a nutrition meal and safe classrooms! Please include this project in your fundraising activities and recommend to people around the world to get supporters.

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