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R. Vazquez (Project Manager), written almost 3 years ago

R. Vazquez

Forwarding the donations to Kiki!

Kiki's Cancer Treatment Fund Pt. 2: €2,500.00 Kiki's Cancer Treatment Fund Pt. 3: €1,259.00

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated to Kiki's fund! We really appreciate the generous and support and love that you've all given to us and Kiki.P.S. If you were one of the selected prize winners of the personalized VA message, please check your twitter account and to follow the instructions that we included in our tweet to you. Cheers!  

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Kiki's Cancer Treatment Fund€2,500.00
Kiki's Cancer Treatment Fund Pt. 2€2,500.00
Kiki's Cancer Treatment Fund Pt. 3€1,259.00
Donations that can still be forwarded to projects€205.41
Sum of donations€6,464.41
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