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4Hearts for Children

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4. HEARTS’s fundraising event

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What's it about?

We want to support the Save the Children initiative "Help Children in Forgotten Crises". 

As Future Leaders, we consider it our responsibility to raise awareness to these crises and organize support in the form of donations through a creative campaign. We therefore created a small handmade box that would make every child smile, which we will distribute for a donation in the next days in Dusseldorf. 

We will invite all donors to give the box to a child of their choice! 
---> Have a look: <---

IMPORTANT: If you too want to support us with our fundraising, you have the opportunity to donate online. We appreciate every donation. You contribute to a better future for many children we do not want to forget! Thank you.

Donating on is straightforward and secure. Afterwards we pass the money we’ve raised on to the relevant aid projects. If you want to learn more about Save the Children you can visit the following websites:

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4. HEARTS announced this fundraising event on 10 April 2018.

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