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Donations instead of gifts

Turn your birthday into a fundraising event – with,
the transparent online donation platform

Create fundraising event

How it works:

  1. 1.Register your fundraising event
  2. 2.Choose an aid project to support
  3. 3.Invite friends to donate offers:

  1. Thousands of aid projects to choose from
  2. Easy setup with few clicks
  3. Personal support

Three good examples of donating instead of receiving birthday gifts:

Christoph celebrated his birthday with donations instead of gifts. His friends donated to an educational institution for children in South Africa.

161 donors have collected €4,086.

Saskia’s friends donated on her birthday to the orphanage where she had recently spent time volunteering.

16 donors have collected €671.

Rike also asked for donations instead of gifts and gave the donations to a school project in Ethiopia and to a breeding station for elephants in Kenya.

26 donors have collected €500.

A good occasion:

Your birthday

It doesn’t matter whether you will be 15 or 50 years old – turn your birthday into a good deed by asking your friends and your family for something special this year: support for an aid project. Invite them to donate instead of giving a present by listing a fundraising event on and sharing it via email or facebook.

Your birthday gift idea:

Donations instead of gifts

Collect donations for instruments for children in Peru, or for a solar-powered stove for women in Kenya. Choose from the thousands of social projects on Your donations will be transferred to the aid projects!

Your birthday gift:

A good feeling

Your friends and your family will visit your fundraising page on and read more about your birthday wish. They can then donate and leave a short comment or they donate anonymously. Subsequently, you and your donors can both track the progress of your chosen aid project. Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday?

Contact us:

Do you have any questions about creating a fundraising event? Send us an email or simply call us!

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