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  • Everything you need for reactivating your donors
  • Including tools for fundraising events and regular donors
  • Free of charge: we forward 100% of all donations

Our services for your online fundraising

Project Skateistan
Example: Skateboard school in Kabul An aid project by: Skateistan

NEW: Find volunteers!

  • List your volunteer opportunity online – it's fast and easy!
  • Activate volunteers with a fresh page design
  • Find new volunteers via different partners
  • This service is free of charge as well

List a volunteer opportunity & share it

Project Morus 14
Example: Tutoring children A volunteer opportunity by: Morus 14

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Run for charity

You will run a marathon soon and want to get the extra motivation? Then collect donations and make a charity run!

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Donations instead of gifts

It's your birthday soon and you can pass on new socks or neck ties? Then ask for donations instead of gifts!

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Create fundraising event

Got your own idea for a fundraising event? Then start here and support aid projects of your choice!

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