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Reduce the stigma of gender based violence

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We're a registered NGO in Tanzania directly linked to SDG's 3,4,5 and 6 founded in year 2020.
We provided awareness to 3630 school boys and girls on sexual and reproductive health rights.
We have helped more than 500 school girls with reusable sanitary pads.
We're the champion for children rights in Tanzania.
As a start-up NGO, we're currently looking for 3volunteers(Boy and Girl) to cooperate with us in Education, health and sport work at Kigoma Region.
We need a volunteer with a possessed skills on social work, guidance and counselling skills and easy to change depending with the environment.
Note: As a start-up NGO we are not able to pay any cost for the volunteer to come in Tanzania and we shall not be responsible on paying for paying any cost incurred by a volunteer during his stay in Tanzania.
The main target is to reduce the stigma of gender based violence in our community. It will take place in 3 District(Kibondo District, Kakonko District and Buhigwe District)
The existence of Gender based violence has increasingly led to Early marriage,school dropout and lack of clear information pertaining self awareness and life skills in particular.
The program can take 3months visiting different parts of Kigoma Region.
We just assure you with a safe environment with no quarrel or disturbances which can lead to fear.
Your warmly welcome in Tanzania.

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