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A volunteer youth worker will support the staff and volunteers who work in the positive youth power groups and projects to provide high quality youth work. You will support the
project Director in the planning and delivery of Services to youth living and working on the street
in Dar es salaam. The aim these youth power group is to enable young people to experience and
contribute to the youth program activities which are fun, safe, social and
educational (team building, developing self-confidence etc.).
What’s in it for you?
 Becoming part of a friendly and dedicated team
 Meeting people from all walks of life and making new friends
 Enjoying new experiences and learning something new every day
 Gaining practical experience working with young people and the local
What’s involved?
 To assist with the running and delivery of the boys and the girls youth group
 To communicate with the project director and other volunteers about
program activities
 To supervise young people and ensure general health and safety and rules of
conduct are followed
 To build a rapport with young people and listen to their concerns
 To facilitate and participate in games, activities and discussions with young
 To assist with necessary program set-up and clean-up
 To undertake required record keeping procedures including reporting verbally
to supervisor and completing any relevant program forms
This role will suit people who…
 Enjoy working as part of a team
 Are enthusiastic about the work of Wings Balance Initiative
 Enjoy working with marginalized youth living and working on the street
 Are looking to gain experience working in busy community centre
 Ideally have some experience of working with young people in youth ,
groups or projects to achieve positive outcomes
Location Dar es salaam City

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