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Help children and Youth to Explore their future through mentorship, Transforming and empowerment.

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We are targeting any volunteer who is interested in serving our community by visiting schools, girl child advocacy, provision of sanitary pads to girls and talks, where they are involved in interacting with children, pupils and students through teaching, training and mentoring and motivational speaking by handling different topics to educate them to be responsible and active citizens hence participating in community events. A volunteer who is passionate and ready to serve the society, No skills needed we value passion to serve, these means anyone can volunteer our motto towards volunteer recruitment is "Leave No One Behind". We don't insure volunteers, we provide volunteers with host homes where they stay during their volunteer work they only contribute for food but accommodation is free. Volunteers are allowed to explore, tour places of their choice during weekends. Volunteers work from Monday to Friday for 5 to 6 hours depending on the amount of work during the day. We encourage volunteers to engage in community development to learn different cultures and learn new experiences. The organization provides the volunteers with contacts and support for medical clinics which provide best health care services.

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