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Hospice/ Cancer Center projects in Bangalore, India

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  • Senioren

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  • Gruppen betreuen
  • Haushalt/Küche
  • organisieren/planen
  • pflegen/betreuen


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The number of cancer cases in India is increasing every year. According to WHO's Cancer Report, in India, lung, oral, lip, throat and neck cancers are the most common among men while women suffer more from cervix, breast and ovarian cancers. The most common cancers in India are breast cancer, cervical cancer and oral. Breast Cancer is one of the leading diseases in India.

Kenosis in India in partnership with our local healthcare organizations aims to provide long-term healthcare management for patients with chronic ailments. From services such as rehabilitation, pain management to palliative care, we specialize in every aspect of healthcare service at home or facility. The amenities and services at our centers are aimed at comprehensive rehabilitation, supportive nursing care and keeping the patient engaged in activities that rejuvenate and overcome any reversible disabilities they may have.


• Provides respite care for primary caregiver
• Provides companionship, talk and supportive listening to their stories
• Helps patient with personal tasks such as letter writing, checking emails, reading, etc.
• Organize and conduct multiple awareness programs, training and session among women’s group in villages and cities to educate them on preventive measures
• Shopping or running errands
• Helps patient with light meal or liquid intake
• Patient care volunteers spend their days with hospice patients.
• travel and visit patient’s home, a nursing home, or a long-term care facility.
• Volunteers do not provide any medical or hands-on care unless you are qualified
• Play the patient’s favourite games with them, like cards or chess or tach them craft work and paper bag making
• Talk with patients about current events if that’s something that the patient is interested in.
• Some of the other things patient care volunteers do include: Grocery shopping, preparing meals for patients
• helping with simple chores around the house, transporting the patient to their doctor’s appointments, providing comfort and support, helping the patient’s caregiver with their errands and other daily tasks, and Informing hospice staff of the patients’ needs
• Administrative tasks may include preparing mailings and leaflets, helping in thrift stores, answering phone calls, assisting with fundraising campaigns

Please note: We are not a funded organization to support cost such as food stay, travel , insurance, visa nor reimbursement etc.

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