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Baby / Toddler Care Center in Bangalore, India

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  • Kinder & Jugendliche
  • Kranke
  • Menschen mit Behinderung
  • Sozial Benachteiligte

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  • Büroarbeit
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Volunteer on a baby care and toddler care project abroad and help children in developing countries.

When it comes to making the world a better place, there is nothing more important that giving infants, toddler and young children the education and encouragement they need. There are a huge number of ways volunteers can provide this for the communities they travel to. You could do volunteer work with children in a hospital, kindergarten, school, special needs centre, or care centre for mothers and babies. Wherever you are placed you will be part of a team working to make sure that some of the world’s most disadvantaged children have a better start in life.

All these projects are designed to bring sustainable, useful help to communities that really need it. You’ll be immersed in the local community, working alongside staff and fellow volunteers. You’ll learn about Early Childhood Development and the benefits of long-term community based care.

This experience is a safe and sociable way to give back to vulnerable communities, while building your own confidence and understanding of global childcare issues.


• Support early childhood development through fun games and lessons
• Make educational resources like flashcards and posters Participate in workshops surrounding local childcare and educational practices Promote early childhood development Improve hygiene levels of the children
• Do volunteer work with children in a kindergarten, school, special needs center, or care center for mothers and babies
• Work closely with kids - teach them, design fun games for them, help in making their meals, feed them, and engage them with learning and playful activities
• Learn about the Early Childhood Development and needs of mothers with a dual burden of childcare and making a living
• Raise funds for the center and long term sustainability of the childcare center
• Engage with the local community, learn a new language and interact with all stakeholders of children’s development

lease note: We are not a funded organization to support cost such as food stay, travel , insurance, visa nor reimbursement etc.

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