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“Give African children a future: Volunteer from Your Home Country

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Volunteer from Home, Give African children a future
You can make a difference in the lives of children and youth especially the girl child in Uganda by volunteering from your home and country. There are many ways you can help:

• Website editing
• Fundraising
• Grant writing
• Volunteer recruitment
• Be a PCCS ambassador / country coordinator
• Create child sponsorship profiles
• Cultivate partnership opportunities for PCCS
• and much more

Fun ideas to raise money for “Peculiar Child Care Support (PCCS)”

Nearly New Sale;
Collect your team’s gently worn, barely used clothes or artifacts and hosts a sale or an auction. Generate buzz around your event by taking pictures of the items and promoting them on social media

Scavenger Hunt;
Organize scavengers’ hunts and send participants all around town. Charge a registration fee and offer extra tips and hints for different donation amount

House Party;
Invite family and friends to your charitable house party. Incentivize donations by offering prizes for different levels of sponsorship, like discounted tickets to pay your next event or other unique party favors

Shave your head;
Participants pledge to shave their heads (or long-lasting beards) to raise money. It may also be fun to have a mini gallery of the participants’ ‘’before and after” photos!

Talent Show;
Crowd source talent with this quick fundraising idea and put on a talent show. In addition to an entry fee, supporters can donate to cast votes for the winning numbers of different categories

Share Your Idea;
Currently, PCCS is also looking forward to be registered a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and to work with as many volunteers as possible from all around the world on development projects in Uganda.

Samuel the Founder/CEO while in Uganda, he helps to raise funds, network with donors, enroll volunteers and coordinate programs to run PCCS projects, with outstanding support of our dedicated team in Ugandan who contribute their experience and service in efficiently running PCCS's projects.

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