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Learning Center Assistant

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Public schools in Nicaragua only offer children schooling for half a day. This leads to many children without parental care in the afternoon and playing in the streets. This is where La Esperanza steps in. Our learning centers provide a safe, clean, informal environment where children can come and continue their learning in areas such as Math, Art, Spanish, Computing, Reading and English. They are also stocked with resources not often found in the schools such as books, worksheets, art supplies, educational games, computers and tablets.

As a Learning Center Assistant, you will work with local volunteers to support and assist the children as they learn. You will instigate activities and games, rather than running formal lessons. The objective is to create a fun, interactive and positive learning environment outside of the classroom. The children are enthusiastic about learning and excited to meet new people.

This position is available throughout the year and requires a minimum time commitment of 2 weeks. The longer you’re able to commit to, the more valuable your experience. You will work in the afternoon and have the mornings free to explore Granada. You should have at least intermediate level Spanish in order to be able to fully engage with children. If language is a barrier there are numerous Spanish schools in the vicinity.

If you're looking for a more intensive and long term opportunity contact us about internships.

Costs Involved

We ask each volunteer to make an initial contribution of US$50 towards administration costs, so that all donations continue to go directly towards supporting the learning centers and other projects. In return, you will receive two La Esperanza Granada t-shirts free to wear when you are working with us. There are no additional fees involved with volunteering at La Esperanza Granada, although any fundraising initiatives are welcomed!

Volunteers are responsible for their own living expenses for the duration of their stay. However, La Esperanza Granada can recommend hostels and arrange homestays for volunteers.

Other Opportunities

Granada is a beautiful colonial city, on the shore of Lake Cocibolca and surrounded by volcanoes. It is in close proximity to a variety of places of interest and with a buzzing evening atmosphere, volunteers are free to spend their weekends experiencing the beauty of Nicaragua.

La Esperanza Granada can also assist by arranging affordable Spanish classes and bike rentals.

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