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Social Work Internship with NGO and Community Outreach Projects in India, Nepal and Africa

Worum es geht

  • Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
  • Kinder & Jugendliche
  • Kranke
  • Menschenrechte

Wie du hilfst

  • Haushalt/Küche
  • organisieren/planen
  • pflegen/betreuen
  • Nachhilfe/vorlesen


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Our Social Work internships are right for you if you want to develop a better understanding of social challenges faced around the world. They're perfect if you're looking for work experience in this industry. You'll work alongside qualified professionals and project staff. You'll help identity challenges, create solutions and initiatives, and monitor the progress of the people you help. You'll develop a better understanding of other cultures and the various social challenges in your chosen destination. If you're interested in our Social Work Projects, but would like to do something different, you may be interested in our Law & Human Rights Projects, community development, NGO supports and development, Special needs care, counselling and psychology, or any other, specify when you apply.

Your internship will be shaped by the priorities at the NGO at the time of your placement and may include:

All of the above will enhance your CV, career applications, and your personal development.


• Provide stimulation for the children through basic educational activities such as singing, and arts and crafts
• Assist the local staff with the day-to-day care of the children
• Play with the children and observe their behaviour in and outside the play area
• Give special attention to the children with special needs who are learning alongside the other children
• Assess each child and identify their strengths
• You will assess the status of each child on a daily basis in areas related to, numeracy, literacy, fine motor skills, emotional abilities, social skills and hygiene
• Observe and help your supervisor and local staff
• Provide children with the support and care that they need
• Share your skills and knowledge with local staff
• Help brainstorm culturally relevant solutions to social problems
• Assist with the development of long-term care plans for support centres and organisations
• Gain social work experience in Mongolia by working alongside professionals
• Help run awareness campaigns, projects, or workshops
• Research, evaluate and offer solutions to the challenges facing your placement
• Sit in on counselling sessions as the medical staff consult with their patients
• Gain experience working in various departments within the hospital
• Run HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns at communities and schools

Please note: We are not a funded organization to support volunteers cost such as food stay, travel , insurance, visa etc.

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Kenosis Foundation (KF), # 18/1, K- 4th Street, Ashoknagar, Bangalore City, Postal Code: 560025, Karnataka State, India
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