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Volunteer with Women's Empowerment Projects in India and Nepal

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  • Nachbarschaft
  • Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
  • Kranke
  • Menschenrechte

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  • programmieren


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Most rural areas in Asia, India included, have these characteristics, societies are impoverished, and women being the most dis-empowered people in the society have borne the heaviest brunt. You will have an opportunity to participate in offering skills and knowledge which will provide a solution to this problem.

This project tackles problems of both awareness & affordability by investing funds to buy sewing machines, 3-6 months sewing and stitching sanitary health kit and selling at low cost and generating income of their own. We also aim at not only 18 villages, but also at least 10 schools to give health awareness, training, and workshops and allow local adolescent girls in schools to learn about the importance of menstrual health & hygiene, including sanitary pads and managing their personal life and going to school regularly. At least 20 youth leaders out of 10 schools will be chosen from each school and 10 teachers’ trained as a mentor and will take part in a training session on health issues and business skills. They will be given stock of low-cost sanitary pads to promote and sell to local women in their slums. Also, during the training, the young mothers and adolescent school dropout girls will be trained to make Dresses, blouse, shirts, pants, Rexine bags; jute bag and cloth bag and beautician training by experts so that the women and girls get a sustainable income of their own by distribution of sanitary napkins to meet their daily livelihoods. Women will get an opportunity to earn their daily and monthly income to meet their basic needs such as health, education and livelihood. The women will also be recommended to access job opportunities in Garment Company to get monthly salaried jobs.


• Teach independently or with a partner in small groups, teach English, IT or job skills e.g. CV or job searching
• be a friend & role model, share experiences and skills with the ladies
• Meet and shadow lawyers and business professionals
• Receive presentations and assignments
• Explore Shanghai with interns from all over the world
• Shadow and learn from business professionals to expand your knowledge
• Assist the company with market and competitor research to ensure targeted business efforts
• Get involved in group meetings with clients and staff to share knowledge and ideas
• These are hugely varied and clients can include private companies, NGOs and various government departments

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Kenosis Foundation (KF), # 18/1, K- 4th Street, Ashoknagar, Bangalore City, Postal Code: 560025, Karnataka State, India
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