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Online volunteers are always welcome at La Esperanza and we're open to new ideas as to how you can volunteer with us.

Specifically, La Esperanza Granada is seeking skilled and passionate individuals to be virtual volunteers in areas such as translation, writing and editing, design and administration.

Now more than ever we need help raising funds. Since the 2018 protests in Nicaragua, we have seen a decrease in tourists and volunteers and thus a decrease in our funds. Now, hit with the COVID crisis, the situation has been exacerbated. If you're able to help us with fundraising projects in your own country and/or online, we would be thrilled.

The aforementioned volunteers are valuable throughout the year and time commitments are entirely flexible. Volunteers in this role should have at least advanced level English and additional language requirements vary depending on responsibilities.


Due to the global pandemic we now have a greater need for online volunteers than ever. We have seen our international volunteer numbers drop dramatically and as a result this has meant that we have created a new kind of online volunteer role, the online English teacher. The online English teacher will be leading English classes to the children in our learning centers, with local volunteers present at all times. Without your help local volunteers are having to lead these classes and are essentially learning English as they teach it.

Volunteers applying for this role will need at least a post-intermediant level of Spanish AND English. We require a minimum time commitment of two weeks. Although, as always, a longer time commitment is greatly welcomed.

Please do not hesitate to contact La Esperanza Granada if you wish to join our team as an online volunteer.

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