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The Caucus for Children’s Rights (CCR)

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CCR began as in informal coalition of like-minded organisations in 2004. At the time, children living on the streets in Arusha were regularly being rounded up and detained under an outdated law known as the Removal of Undesirable Persons Act (RUPA). While working at Mkombozi, Shermin Moledina and Kate McAlpine saw a need for a coalition of organisations that could take up a collective voice to fight these round-ups and ensure the safety and rights of children on the streets. The Caucus for Children’s Rights (CCR) came together as this coalition of organizations and started a strategic litigation against the Government of Tanzania to repeal this law.
The original members of this informal coalition were Mkombozi, East African Law Society, Haki Madini and Legal and Human Rights Centre. The case to repeal RUPA proved to be just the beginning for CCR as it became increasingly clear that there was a large gap in collective advocacy and evidence-based work to develop child protection systems in Tanzania. Over a decade later the case is still in the Court of Appeal and CCR has expanded far beyond this legal work, becoming one of the leading child protection organisations in Tanzania.
Over the years, membership grew to include other organisations and CCR became a place for networking, research, strategic thinking, and systems-building. In 2009 CCR was officially registered as an non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Tanzania. From there CCR deployed an extensive media campaign known as the 50% Campaign that reached hundreds of thousands of Tanzanians through television, radio, print media, and community theatre, advocating for the protection and investment in children as the future of the nation.
After learning and reflection, CCR began a transition in 2014 from being a network of organisations to a community of individuals. Our research has shown the immense power of Tanzanian protectors, their need for a communal space of support, and the need to build empathy and ujasiri in the minds of more Tanzanians to protect more and more children.
Our approaches have changed over the years, but our passion for upholding the rights of children has remained our constant motivator. We are an institution that prioritises evidence-based work, and a community of individuals protecting children in Tanzania.

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