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Teaching & Helping Students in a Secondary School

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We need the help of kind-hearted volunteers around the world who can make a difference in schools with any subject of their choice.especially in Chemistry,English,Biology,Maths,Physic,Economic etc.Also volunteers who are willing to make a difference in Primary schools for a short or long term period are highly welcome. Especially those who are: • Able to demonstrate a passion for education and development • Strong interpersonal and communication .

We offer free accommodation, Three square Meals a day.Note that you are not going to share you room with any person. Free gym,swimming pool, internet and last but not the least an attractive cultural heritages and natural landscapes (river, lake...)..
Duration: 3 months or longer
Time commitment: Full time (30-40 hours/week)
Times of day: Mornings Afternoons
Days of week: Weekdays
Schedule: Flexible schedule


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