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Volunteer in a Day Care center

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Enrich the lives of children from low income families.
As our newly created day care centre is often short-staffed, volunteers are able to provide the one-to-one attention that the children would otherwise not receive. Volunteers also offer an extra pair of hands to the organisation’s staff by assisting with feeding, clothing and playing with the children.
Caring for children who are at-risk or have limited resources can have a lasting impact on a child’s development.Most of the children speak Pegin language as a first language but they will need to speak English for school, by interacting with volunteers they are provided with a valuable opportunity to practise their English skills. Additionally Bamenda is a popular tourist destination so in the long term confidence in English will improve their future employment opportunities
Volunteer role: What will I be doing?
Volunteers will assist local caregivers at a crèche and a day care centres to provide care for the children of local families. Activities that volunteers may be involved in include:

Reading to the children
Supervising and interacting during play time
Playing games
Helping with music and art activities
Providing one-to- one attention
Helping with feeding and clearing up during lunchtime
Supervising nap time
Helping with sports coaching

Volunteers normally work 4 days per week Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 2pm. Every day is different and each morning a meeting will be held involving staff and volunteers where the day’s activities will be decided and coordinated. Some volunteers will then be transported to local crèches or day care centres and others will stay at the crèche located at the main hall.

There are usually 1-4 volunteers at the project at any one time with a maximum of 6.

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