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Promote Beekeeping and Improve Quality Honey

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In Cameroon,honey sector provides income in rural areas for the resource dependent communities,employing a cross-section of the population including older men, women and youths.explioting this position is further is only posible by the expanding market channels to enable the honey producers to walk their way out of poverty.Potential for income generation and employment in the honey sectors can be enhanced by creating new ideas or modern techniques,

As a Volunteer, you are going to carry out training in modern beekeeping techniques, which generally result to increase production and quality (such as when to harvest,how to store,how to process and transport)and more environmental friendly practices resulting in fewer bush fires during smoking.Besides,you will also assist with ideas on how the honey can find it way in international market, since the farmers are poor, uneducated and lack communication skills. Note that we offer free accommodation with free internet services, and you are not going to share your room with any volunteer.Also,you will have a lot to gain from volunteering as you will connect with others and gaining valuable work experience.We have huge untapped potential for more public involvement in Cameroon and you will probably find our work demanding.

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