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Volunteer as an ICT Teacher in a College

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Seeds Of Change has put together the Information Technology and Computer Volunteer Program, in recognition of it as an efficient means of communication. With basic computer skills. Ghana not only have greater employment prospects, but can access a wealth of global knowledge to help them locally. By promoting computer science in Ghana to our youths, our volunteers are empowering our community to explore and take charge of new possibilities for growth.

More than 97% of youths in Ghana do not have access to computers. Very few public schools have introduced Information Technology centres and if they do, there is limited computer access. As well as unreliable power, and at the same time with only few teachers who are qualified to teach such skills. Widespread computer skills are still in its inception in Cameroon, therefore it is essential that they be provided to eager youths giving them the same opportunities as their counterparts around the world. Even basic skills can empower communities – as a foundation for future self-guided learning.

Volunteers will assist students with theoretical and practical classes.Classes begin from Monday to Friday. The volunteer can form courses from basic computer skills up to advanced, . Computer skills education is valuable, as an investment for future gains and something that will remain long-term.
Note that we offer free accommodation and feeding,with free internet services, and you are not going to share your room with any volunteer.

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