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Volunteer as a Counselor in a secondary school

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People facing trying times often are not able to realize the assets they have and their natural abilities that can help them get a foothold and begin the process of change. Counseling supports clients to use their existing strengths to shed light on how they can overcome their problems and create a life that they find more rewarding, healthy, happy, and fulfilling.With wide range of problems, Feeling depressed or anxious, being indecisive, having fears of failure, dealing with identity questions, issues concerning relationships with friends, dating partners,navigating developmental stages, such as starting college, or having a child etc.These are some of the millions of problems Cameroonians are facing.Your contribution will make a difference in their communities.
Volunteers must be good on clinical psychology, counseling, or social work. Practicum applicants must be good in the theories of counseling or psychotherapy and ethics.Must like working with youths,couples,and people going into a new relationship.Accommodation is free,with three square meals a day.You are not going to shall your room with other volunteers.Wish you good luck and a happy stay in Cameroon.

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