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Beendet Daily support to burns survivors

lalitpur, Nepal

Beendet Daily support to burns survivors

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Your small contribution can make a big difference. BVS-Nepal Activities:Daily support to burns survivors with medical treatment, counselling, physiotherapy and supplementary nutrition.

R. Rajbhandari von Burns Violence Survivors ( BVS-Nepal)Nachricht schreiben

Burns injuries are amongst the most horrific, painful and costly injuries that a person can suffer. BVS-Nepal intends to ensure that best available burns care and treatments are available for burns patients in Nepal, whilst giving a special attention towards burns violence survivors.

Thus, in close cooperation with the two main governmental hospitals, BVS-Nepal provides: Medical and surgical support to the most vulnerable burns victims.

Nutrition, physiotherapy and counselling support is giving for all the burns patients admitted at the BIR Hospital Burns Unit.

In 2012, BVS-Nepal started the Nutrition support programme for the children admitted at the Kanti Children hospital 's Burns Ward and recently initiated the weekly recreational activities and schooling support.

Survivors need to be fed very high protein diets to give their bodies the strength to fight such extreme injuries. The monthly cost of a patients diet based on calculations of two meals of rice, lentils, vegetable and mutton curry per day, works out at Rs. 12000 a month (roughly 120 euros), with an additional Rs. 6000 for the meals of the carer. Then the patient requires a further Rs. 15000 (roughly 150 euros) for additional nutritional supplements, such as Horlicks, milk, eggs, fruit juices, glucose, B-protein powder and biscuits. All these items are high in protein and are exactly the sort of food required by burns patients.

Nutrition being one of the important contributing factors for healing wound of burns patients, BVS-Nepal ensures that this is available to the patients.

Also BVS-Nepal provides to the burn patients some burns creams to relieve their pain and help the skin to be well reconstruct. A burn cream cost approximately: Rs.360 (roughly 3.60 euros) Every month, BVS-Nepal is providing 30 creams to help the burns children.