Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Ashoka México“ (Pilar A.) in México City, Mexiko

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Pilar A. (verantwortlich)

Pilar A.
In Mexico traditional culture, talking about sex is still a taboo, this problem is even worst when we are talking about the sexuality of a person with disabilities.

The lack of information, education and training in these areas result in health problems and inclusion problems into society. Also this make people with disabilities have a high incidence of sexually transmitted infections and are more vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Among all disabilities, people with hearing disabilities have the highest rate of HIV and not served by public institutions as CENSIDA, as not being a target population in their institutional policies.
Many women, men, girls and children with disabilities, not only intellectual, are victims of sexual abuse by a lack of tools and information to defend and denounce their aggressors.

Some children with disabilities have been recruited by child pornography networks for lack of information about sexuality.
Disability is a condition that can strike any time of life.
The social cost as the public health cost of all the above mentioned is high and affects both people with disabilities as the whole society around them.

Thats why Irene Torices founded GEISHAD. Irene Torices works holistically to achieve a cultural change, political and social for people with disabilities (PWD) to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights in an informed, free, responsible and healthy. This is achieved through public policy advocacy, academic training and therapeutic care, from counseling and direct comprehensive education and both people with disabilities (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) that require clinical care or educational because of their status as the people around them.

We already have taught more than 1650 workshops.
We have assisted more than 6500 students
We have given over 8500 hours of classes, workshops and conferences
We have a faculty of over 30 professores, already 13 masters graduates in Disability and Sexuality and 56 graduates in curricular courses in the subject.

Every donation helps to people with disabilities be informed and express the most natural behavior, as it is sexuality. Imagine your life without this natural expression....

That's why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

Thank you!!

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Ort: México City, Mexiko

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