New Chance - The start of a new beginning

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „New Chance“ (T. Rasmussen) in Goma, Demokratische Republik Kongo

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T. Rasmussen (verantwortlich)

T. Rasmussen
March 17, 2010 New Chance was established.

New Chance is a humanitarian foundation who runs an orphanage / centre in Goma / Congo.

The centre is intended for children who are victims of the fighting in Goma. There are children with HIV, sexually molested and orphans.

The foundation will also provide young people in Goma with education and training in vocational programs. This is to ensure them better opportunities when they go out and fend for themselves.

The center will mainly be run by people who have previously hosted in similar situations and been helped. Hence the name «New Chance». This gives them the ability to help other people themselves.

Why the Congo?

Sexual violence against women and girls is unfortunately a widespread problem in eastern Congo, and there is an enormous need for help. The way it is led war is often beyond children and women. It is very common for families to be separated , resulting in children who cant find their parents. Children in these situations are easy prey to soldiers’ inhuman treatment. Those who are lucky will survive and will be found, and delivered to an orphanage, such as New Chance. The staff at New Chance is constantly working to find the parents of the abandoned children. Sometimes they find them and the family can reunite, sometimes they find a sad fate.

How will the centre be financed?

The construction and operation of the centre are to be funded by sponsors, contributions and «Construction trips».

How far have we come?

The site has now been purchased and construction is well under way. The plot is nicely located 26 km outside of Goma town. The place is called Mobambiro and is 1 km from the famous town of Sake. This is the city that was occupied four times by the rebels, that also means that the government had to take it back 4 times, a total of 8 wars in 1 year in 2008. Sake is now calm and the UN is very visible in this area. Our land is only 100m from the UN base.

When the centre is completed there should be room for about 500 children there.
Today New Chance cares for over 100 children.

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Ort: Goma, Demokratische Republik Kongo

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