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Beendet Give children proper vision

GUNTUR, Indien

Beendet Give children proper vision

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Eye Screening covering 10,000 Muncipal School Children

A. Yadavalli von SriShiridiSaiSevaTrustNachricht schreiben

Briefly describe the work you want funded

Eye Vision Testing and Screening for 10,000 Municipal School Children within municipal limits of Guntur and distribution of 'Spectacles' for the needy

Who will benefit from your proposed work and how do you know the work is needed?

In response to the increasing concern of Visionary problems for the school going children in various Municipal Schools, the proposed project is aimed at an action project for Municipal Schools within the Guntur City Limits of Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh in order to provide a better eye sight for them to enable to study further and empower themselves.

The target area is very backward and downtrodden students of the poor and lower middle income groups and are not affordable for going for the Eye Testing. Due to illiteracy, most of the parents are not having even basic knowledge and with their poor financial conditions, they are unable to get their children tested.

As our Trust is already working with the municipal schools by supporting in various areas, we have observed the difficulty of the children in reading out the text displayed on the black-board as well as reading their text books. Then we thought of this project.

. What difference do you want your proposed work to make and how will your organisation achieve this?

The Children should not face difficulties while studying. Our Aim is to achieve that the children in all the municipal schools should have proper vision so that they will be able to study well.

Why are you the right organisation to do this work ?

So far, we have covered 2200 students and distributed Spectacles for 370 students with our own funds.

When, where and how would you use the funding ?

We would like to implement the project in a phased manner.
Total Number of High Schools : 14 Nos.
Initial Proposal : Covering 14 High Schools - 10,000 students (Std. VI to Std. X)
Expected Month of Commencement : June 2012

The funding will be used for :

Initial Screening of all the children
Computer Testing at the Hospital
Provision of spectacles for the identified children
PRovision of Vitamin 'A' Supplements, Eye drops for the identified children

Is there anything else you wish to tell us about your proposal ?

We would like to submit to you that we are working since 2003 irrespective of caste, creed and religion, for the upliftment of the poor and lower middle income groups with a service motto "SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO GOD".
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