Ghimiretar Primary School Furniture Project

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Ghimiretar Primary School, Dololaka Nepal“ (s. neupane) in Namdu, Nepal

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s. neupane (verantwortlich)

s. neupane
Ghimiretar Primary school is one of the government primary school of Dolakha district in the eastern Nepal. They school is located on the lap of Gaurishankar Himalaya (7181m)
We can reach the school by bus from Charikot the district headquarter of Dolakka
The school was established in 1980 by collecting some village donation. Later it was recognized by the government of Nepal in 1984.
Now there are three teacher teaching at the school. About 200 students have been studying there.
One of the burning problem of of the school is lack of furniture for the children.

There are only a few desks and benches for the students. we some benchs dot he class four and five. But the stidens from class one to three have bee living on the floor.

We would like to purchase 20 set of furnitur made of iron for the children

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Ort: Namdu, Nepal

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