Ein Hilfsprojekt von „AMAZING GRACE CHILDREN HOME NAKURU,KENYA“ (A. Children Home) in NAKURU, Kenia

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A. Children Home (verantwortlich)

A. Children Home
Amazing Grace children Home in Nakuru Kenya was started in January 9th 2009 and Registered as a Charitable Children Institution in 2010 by Margaret.W.Mwangi and the support of her family the institution started.
The project came to exit through a dream and passion to support the orphaned and vulnerable in the society especially those that face hardship,abandonment,lost,defiled.and those with imprisoned parents.
There are Seven workers at the institution who work faithful and some on voluntary basis.
1 Director.
1 Project Manager.
1 Manager.
3 Care Givers
1 Gardener.
1 Guard.
This project will benefit the children who are placed under our care by the Children Magistrate Court in Nakuru,Kenya.
It will benefit 25 children who are committed under our custody.
The people who will benefit the children will get proper basic needs and more wants to there life will be given to them.They will also get to inter-grate with the others in the society by offering the best education system,The programme will teach the children to be self sustained and raising them up to be reliable citizens.
These are our biggest challenges;
5.School Van.
6.Electronic eg computers,television,etc
7.Water.(Bore Hole)
The donations will benefit both the project and the community at large since the above mentioned items will be catered for and will directly get to the children since they use them daily.
The society will benefit from the Water bore hole for they will get water close to them.

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Ort: NAKURU, Kenia

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