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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Beendet Free Reel Mobile Cinema

Rural areas, Rumänien

Beendet Free Reel Mobile Cinema

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Free Reel Romania will run a programme of film screenings and workshop activities with communities in rural Romania.

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In May 2012 over the course of ten weeks Free Reel Romania plans to carry out a series of free film screenings and film making workshops in rural communities across Romania that have little to no access to cultural activities. The project is in partnership with several well-established Romanian NGOs in including Komunitas, Art We and CREATIV.

Free Reel Mobile Cinema is a non-profit initiative of Cinephilia services Ltd, and was set up in 2009 to bring cinema to communities who lack access to cultural activities. The project works year round in the UK with homeless and refugee communities, and runs international projects on an annual basis.

Romania is currently one of the lowest ranking countries in the EU for cultural consumption, with less than 70 cinemas in the whole country, most of which are based in the main cities. Rural communities have very little access to sites of exhibition due to financial constraints and long geographical distances to reach the cinemas.

Free Reel believes there is an unmet opportunity in rural Romania to use cinema and film production as a powerful tool of education and communication, empowering communities and providing a platform to discuss important social issues facing the community.

What we will do:
In bringing film to remote Romanian communities some of Free Reel Romania's objectives include:

1. Screening Romanian and international films with the aim of addressing and generating discussion on both global issues and issues relevant to the community

2. Giving the local visibility to Romanian domestic productions that is so lacking at the moment

3. Strengthening social cohesion and inclusion in communities via collective filmmaking activities that engage and empower individuals.

4. The project also hopes to demonstrate cultural activities as a tool of social change.

Free Reel Romania will see an estimated thirty film screenings that benefit whole communities take place, each followed by a post-screening Q&A session with filmmakers involved in the production of the films. In addition 5 five-day filmmaking workshops will be conducted with youth from the communities. Short films produced in the workshops be screened to the local community and ‘toured’ around Romania on the mobile cinema, as well as being showcased in a special screening at a well-established film festival in Bucharest.

The project will also offer three of the most promising workshop participants a year-long scholarship at Brighton Film School, an established centre for film production training in the UK.

The Future:
Free Reel Romania will be an annually repeated project, while Free Reel Mobile Cinema is very much envisioned as a versatile and scalable project, able to visit a diverse range of countries and regions, across Eastern Europe and internationally, that have reduced access to cultural activities, and offer a variety of tailored film screening and making programmes.

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