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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Azerbaijan Thinking Youth Association“ (F. Huseynli) in AZ-0100, Khirdalan city, Absheron reg., Aserbaidschan

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F. Huseynli (verantwortlich)

F. Huseynli
During the Azerbaijan-Armenia I Karabakh War in 1988-1994 Azerbaijan received 1 million refugees/IDPs. Still refugee/IDPs cant back to them home land because didn’t signed peace agreement. Most of them placed at refugee camps and carriages with a lot of social-educational problems. Within this project we will surround enlightenment of youth from roughly 500 refugee families in Absheron region via establishing youth training-education resource center. We need but computers, printers, and copy machines for start resource center to give contribution to the enlightenment of refugee young people and foster them to local decision making process. We hope with your contribution we can realize this contribution for support better education of refugee youth. This is durable project and sustainability will prevent by refugee families. Insight the resource center there will be library, computers with internet for free using and teaching students, printer and copy machine service and etc. sources to educate refugee young people. We think it’s essential tool to educate young people first to foster them integration to local decision making process and participation of solving social problems. There have building of refugees but they need financial support to supply building with technical equipment and serving refugee youth.

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Ort: AZ-0100, Khirdalan city, Absheron reg., Aserbaidschan

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