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Beendet Waisenhaus "Kpawumo Children's Home"

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Das Kpawumo Childrens Home ist ein staatl. nicht anerkanntes Waisenhaus, welches dringend Gelder benötigt. Über 20 Waisen leben dort.. bitte helft den Kindern.

Lukas S. von Lukas S.Nachricht schreiben

You can donate for a special need, you see at the right side.. or donate a sum, without matching a need..

Kpawumo Childrens Home is and orphanage house in the rural area of Tamale in Northern Ghana. The money goes directly to the owner, Isaah Dawuda, who insure the health and education of more than 20 orphanage.

The money will be used for demands, you can see. Our main interesst is the monthly payment for the teacher and for the water of the pipe, which reach the house since february 2012.
We big sum is for getting a pick-up car, which allows use to use it for buying food and stuff for the house and give the children the possibilty to more of their own country.

We, constantly Volunters of the orphanage „Kpawumo Children’s Home“,
were there for a longer time, and try now, no matter about the distance, to help them with some advertising and an regular income, which should be used for health, education and food.
The Orphanage House is an own builded project of the father, dawuda, who created it with his own finance in the year 2005. The area is still without electricity, pipe water and water closet in a rural area.
Myself was there for 2 and half months at the beginning of 2011 and met some other volunteers. Together we created a new house, a new school buliding, a playground, and renewed the hole orphange, from the inside to the green colour on the outside. Furthermore we teached the children and spend our freetime with them.
After arriving back in germany, i created a website and tried to promote the need of help in this part of the world.
Now, a half year later, we finished collecting money in europe for a polytank, and send it to ghana. now, since 1 week, the cildrens got some clean and fresh water from the town. It is mostly important now, to save the regular refilling of the tank. If there is no money for, the childrens need to go daily for water again. Minimium 3 hours work a day.. which meens, that the school comes after.
All money, that we will collect above this website, goes directly to the orphanage house. I also travel every year to this place, to get a better look for the situation and devolve more responsibility to the inhabitants.
The Project is consequently funded by a small group of ex volunteers all over the world, included me.

I send parcels with clothes, school stuff, digital camera and toys for the kids. I stay in permanently email contact to dawuda, so we are involved in the present situation of each other...
All Money goes directly to him.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten