Finanziert Build schools in Guatemala with local community

Ein Hilfsprojekt von K. Reitz in Region Solola, Guatemala

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K. Reitz (verantwortlich)

K. Reitz
Êducation is essential to grow out of poverty and prevail discrimination. Roughly 60% of the population of Gualtemala is illiterate. This is among the worst in the whole world. However, education is the foundation of development. We,, "OYAK One World Society", organize and fund since 1994 with your donations elementary school buildings in Guatemala. To foster global collaboration we also allow interested people to join on site the local craftsmen and live in the community (on own expenses).

Local partners ensure perfect fit investments in countryside Gualtemala. It is a true collaborative effort with local builders, architect and voluntary work from the village. On the other hand, also people from Germany can participate and live for a period of time with the people. When coming back we expect them to share their first hand experience in schools and societies.

The new class rooms create better environment for learning. We pay special attention also to strengthen local maya culture. All donations are 100% used for building the class rooms and sanitary units.

Every year we invest in another local initiative. Always you see the results after one season. we need roughly 20.000€ every year.

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Ort: Region Solola, Guatemala

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