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Unterstützung für Cerebral Palsy Ukunda (Kenia)

Ein Projekt von Cerebralpalsy Ukunda e.V.
in Ukunda, Kenia

Cerebral Palsy (muskelerkrankte Kinder) geschädigte Kinder sind auf dringende Hilfe von ausgebildeten Therapeuten in Kenia angewiesen, um die Kinder dort ehrenamtlich zu behandeln. Deshalb sind wir auf Spenden angewiesen, um die Arbeit zu bezahlen.

Ulrike Waldorf
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Über das Projekt

Children with cerebral palsy (muscular diseased children) need urgent help from trained therapists in Kenya. The director of our association did an apprenticeship in Belgium about 5 years ago to treat the children there on a voluntary basis. Our association in Essen has existed since the end of 2018 and we support the children and families. In addition, these children are born from the poorest circles.
In spasticity, muscle tension is increased (hypertonicity) because the interplay between tension and relaxation is disturbed. In athetosis, the muscle tension changes; Sudden impulses lead to outward movements of the arms and legs, for example. Ataxia is characterized by a low basic tension, which makes it difficult to perform movements with precision. People who are affected by infantile cerebral palsy are generally also called spasticity . The more general term "cerebral movement disorder" includes the different forms of disturbed movement and takes into account not only congenital but also acquired damage such as brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries or those following inflammatory or vascular diseases.We currently nedd the funds and donations for the rental payments for this therapy center in Ukunda Kenya.