Animal rescue in Vietnam

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Wildlife Action Group International e.V.“ (G. Kloeble) in Quan Hoa, Vietnam

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G. Kloeble (verantwortlich)

G. Kloeble
Vietnam is home to around 10% of the world's species. 5 of the 25 most endangered primates are endemic to Vietnam, but wildlife in Vietnam has become very scarce. Responsible are habitat loss by deforestation and the flourishing trade of wild animals and their meat or parts for traditional medicine and food in Asia.
WAGI is supporting law-enforcement and ranger work in Nature Reserves of Vietnam's Thanh Hoa province providing financial assistance for effective anti-poaching patrols and by contributing towards animal rescue costs.
Some of the confiscated animals are insured and mistreated and can not be released immediately and need care and veterinary treatment. A small resuce center needs to be established and food for the animals provided.
With this project we aim to:
- support the establishment of a wildlife center to provide sanctuary for rescued and confiscated animals,
- pay for transport and needed veterinary expenses and
- provide food and care for the animals.

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Ort: Quan Hoa, Vietnam

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