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Beendet Education for the vulnerable and orphans

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We connect those who may be interested in helping children who are orphaned and or vulnerable or young mothers who may want to have a another chance in education.

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All around us we have people who have need. The needs that human beings have are varying depending on where you are and what you can achieve or what you don’t have or cant achieve. Some of us may lack basic things in life while some may only be in need of love. Love begets love and normaly love is a sacrifice, by willing to sacrife you are fulfilled. By giving you receive even if not in the same currency.
Wecame to realize that there are many scholarships for higher education than for preparatory and high school level. And since many people in the third worlds cant achieve these first basic either because of poverty or simply because of being vulnerable children, we find it necessary to be a link between them and anyone willing to help. We would not wish to be a burden again to anyone who has decided to help anyone hence we make it a free service.
The founder of this organization went to school through had ship and sometimes had to stay at home for one whole year and many months in between before he could seat his final high school exam he therefore felt that he could have performed much better in school if he had someone helping himhim with school fees and would have contributed well in the Nation and world building.
so we try to connect with people who may help these students directly in their schools

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