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Lagos, Nigeria

The first harvest with biochar – Arantiok is excited!!

Olivia Thierley
Olivia Thierley schrieb am 31.03.2021

Arantiok uses his garden to grow vegetables: Cucumbers, tomatoes, chilis,… and he isn’t the only one. Arantiok is part of the “Garden Farmers of Ikeja Airport Gardening Club”. In August we provided a bag of water hyacinths char for every member to improve their plant growth. ☀️

A week ago, Arantiok sent us a picture of his plants. He is very excited about the results: Everything is growing well and the chilis are huge. 🌿

Biochar stores water and nutrients which makes it an amazing soil enhancer. This leads to higher crop yields and increased food security. 😃💪

The question is: Why aren’t more farmers using biochar? 🤔🌿

…because biochar is widely unknown: The majority of farmers have never heard of it! We need your help to change that. We started our crowdfunding campaign to finance a biochar learning center and a demo-garden. 👩‍🌾🌽

Your donation helps to educate more people about the benefits of biochar. They will be able to increase their harvests just like Arantiok.

Let's set up a demo-garden!
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