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We received a payout of €555.70

Christian C.
Christian C. schrieb am 16.03.2022

Hello lovely Angels!
Thank you all for your amazing support of the child help foundation! These are crazy times and your help is needed more than ever!
One older girl in the orphanage got Covid(but she is now recovered) Therefore they had to close the foundation to isolation. The coffee shop and the second hand shop had to closed. They now only have income from donations from the outside. One older girl (Poon) also has serious motorbike accident that need a long rehab. 

Jicki is putting a lot of effort into getting an ID card for the kids, so they become legal, can go to a public school and get a job later in their life. Today we are super happy that Namkang got her ID!!

The small kids are finishing the school and then they will have some break.
Thank you so so much to change the life of these amazing kids!