Ein Hilfsprojekt von C. AKOTH in NAIROBI, Kenia

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C. AKOTH (verantwortlich)

Faith was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 22 years in November 2011 and requires hormone treatment and chemotherapy to get well,with only two cancer treatment facilities in Kenya she needs a place where she can get uninterrupted treatment and undivided attention to beat this illness that is why we are collecting funds to take her to India.
The biggest challenge we are facing is that the funds we have are not sufficient to take her through the two year cause of treatment required and the donations collected from this fundraiser will go a long way into helping her fund her treatment,the amount required is 55000$ and we already have 20300$ so we need well wishers to help raise the remaining amount

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Ort: NAIROBI, Kenia

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