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Kampala, Uganda


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Please one can help to fund-rise $10,000 to install a SOLAR panel and buy four hospital beds. the SOLAR panel will help to solve the problem of electricity, and the beds once put in place will help women who give birth on floors due to broken beds.

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Greetings to all members from the Better place community, I have come to treasure this platform due to the awesome work done through all initiatives by donating to all kinds of projects of your interest.

Apparently I am requesting those who are willing to join hands with me in the fight against obstetrical death and raising awareness about child mortality and maternal health issues with special emphasis to rural communities.

I am setting-up a project termed “Rural Community Health Initiative-{RCHI} the main objective of the project will be focusing on Rural Community Health Centers 1V, these health centers according to the Ministry of health- “A health facility capable of carrying out a surgical operation”. My attention will be placed at Bukwo Health Hospital-

After a visit to the filthy labour suite of Bukwo Health Centre IV, one can only imagine what is happening in other health centers in Uganda. A midwife said they lacked soap to clean it.

Nancy’s story
Nancy Chebet, 19 needed an immediate cesarean operation, but could not get it. “I did not have the shs.40, 000 required. Besides, the doctor was not available, so I had to wait up to Monday to find the money, but also wait for the doctors,” she narrates.

By the time the two became available, she was in critical condition. The operation was carried out just in time to save her life.
The health centre suffers from severe staff short-age-only 40% of the required health workers are available. There is only one doctor in the entire district yet the structure provides for 17 doctors per hospital.

Sere Chemutai 28, arrived at Bukwo Health Centre IV, bleeding profusely,. She needed a Caesarian section, but there was no doctor. Yet this centre is the only health facility capable of carrying out a surgical operation in the district, serving a catchment population of over 200,000 people.

Chemutai was refereed to Kapchorwa Hospital in Kapchorwa district, 77km away. There, she found only one doctor, who doubles as the medical superintendents as well as a consultant.

The Bukwo health facility offered an ambulance to transport her, but neither the ambulance nor the facility had fuel, so they requested her to buy fuel. She did not have money, so her relatives started to raise funds,
“By the time they raised the required amount, Chemutai and her unborn child were dead,” says Patricia Chebet, the midwife at Bukwo Health Center IV, who had tried to help Chemutai.