Ein Hilfsprojekt von C. 4KIDS in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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C. 4KIDS (verantwortlich)

In Kambia makama village TMS Chiefdom Port Loko District, there is a very serious increase in girl child labour. The children must work every morning by beating husk rice with hands for the day cooking before they could be allow to go to School. Majority been forced to do so are from single parents homes, and some of them must work for others by beating husk rice before they could get a meal a day. And many are often forced to carry husk rice on head and walk for 4 miles to another village where they have a rice milling machine . To help save these children from such vigorous labour, the community need a RICE MILLING MACHINE. This machine will surely be of relief to the community.

We need your help to provide a labour saving device for them.
PROJECT : Direct benefit to the poor not executives.

$ 4,000.00 usd is VERY urgently needed to purchase a rice milling machine and to build a rice milling centre for the community .

To make a direct donation towards this project,
contact the manager to get the bank transfer details.
Website: www.cids.blog.com
Contact Name: COLLINS .F. RICH
E-mail: collinf_rich@yahoo.com

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Ort: Freetown, Sierra Leone

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