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Finanziert Outing to the beach for AIDS vulnerable children

Lomé, Togo

Finanziert Outing to the beach for AIDS vulnerable children

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PDH would like to offer an afternoon out to the beach for orphans and children made vulnerable by AIDS. The trip includes transportation for 24 children and 6 adults, and a meal. The total cost amounts to 66€.

A. Dzakas von Promotion et Développement Humain (PDH)Nachricht schreiben

Background Information

One afternoon a month, PDH organizes playtime activities with orphans and children made vulnerable by AIDS. These activities allow them to forget their troubles for a while, and gives them time to be happy carefree children.

To celebrate the end of the year, we would like to take the children to the beach in front of Palm Beach Hotel. This would be on Saturday 20th December 2008. They will play beach games and share a supper of roast chicken and akpam, a nutritious and popular Togolese meal. An outing like this means the world to these children because they can have fun and let loose!

Departure time is planned at 2pm from the PDH centre, and we expect to return around 5.30pm. PDH will cover the cost of transport, 6 accompanying adults and supper preparation for 24 children. The total cost amounts to 42,000 CFA or 66€. PDH will give a letter and permission slip with details of the trip to every parent or guardian.

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