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Education project for Indian Refugees

Leipzig, Deutschland

We would like to offer regularly German classes for the Indian refugees and be able to get a teaching permit from the school authority that we can certify the course attendees.

Jana G. von Shirdi Sai Global Trust, Germany | 
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Über das Projekt

The German Department of Foreigners started last year to send many Indian families back to India who living here in Germany on sufferance since many years without any trouble (often because they have no valid passport or identify documents or nobody took care in the past). The Indian refugees are not accepted as asylum seeker because Indian is a safe country and have no chance to get residence permit because there are so many necessary steps, get certificated by German language skills, give a proof that you have a chance for work in Germany and be able to handle the application procedure for the hardship commission who can give the permission to stay.

In the last months many Indian families from Leipzig were deported. We start to research who we can help the Indian families in Leipzig. We start to offer regularly German classes for the Indian refugees through our non-profit organization and be able to get a teaching permit from the school authority.

To reach that goal and help the families here we need to create teaching rooms with all regulatory obligations so as space, light, different entries in case of fire and enough toilets for the students.

We work with the hardship commission that the families got a one-year-permission to stay that they can finish the German courses and get the German language exam B2 (advanced level) as first step for the permission to stay.
Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. März 2020