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Drop and Ride - Sport und Bildung für die Jugend Kabuls!

Kabul, Afghanistan

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Drop and Ride - Sport und Bildung für die Jugend Kabuls!

Kabul, Afghanistan

Drop and Ride response to Covid-19

Moritz Kistenfeger
Moritz Kistenfeger schrieb am 25.06.2020

Thank you for the support of the Drop and Ride 2020 program on betterplace! We want to inform you about the current challenges in Kabul.

Drop and Ride has to adapt the sports and educational program in Kabul to the restrictions caused by Covid-19. This is a difficult task, as the project environment in the crises-afflicted city of Kabul poses many daily challenges even prior to the pandemic. Despite the circumstances, new concepts were developed to provide sports in smaller groups and educational offers via the internet. As in Afghanistan less than 10% of households have internet access and the internet connection is often very weak, alternatives to the nowadays globally established educational format of video conferences were necessary. Learn more about this in our blog.

The current circumstances present challenges to the whole world. The PFO is committed to maintaining the educational and sports program with all available resources, even in these times. More than ever before, Abasha considers itself to be a solid partner for the local project, providing stability and partnership assistance.

Abasha aims to help young sports and education initiatives to get up and running in particularly difficult environments. In the future, we will support further initiatives to establish stable and independent project structures. For this we need your help! Especially in these times, the model of supporting memberships has proven itself as a crisis-resistant project funding. With just 2 Euro per month, you can join Abasha as a supporting member and thus help young sports and educational projects all over the world. The registration is very easy:

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