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Beendet Children's rights through artwork project

Madurai, Indien

Beendet Children's rights through artwork project

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This is a rights based programming to promote children's rights through artwork among school children in rural and urban areas in Tamilnadu,India

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As part of our Children's rights through artwork project supported by ART VENTURE,Singapore, Goodwill social work centre has formed 'Children's rights through artwork groups' of girls and boys who are in the 7-17 years of age with a view to building a holistic understanding the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child and various children's rights and the issues which affect children,combing arts with a study of the UN convention on the rights of children as a way to promote children’s understanding of their legal status in society and developing art skills, improve self confidence and enhance creative and enjoyment in the arts and to know of their rights to childhood.Through the formation of artwork groups a social awareness is created among the children and local communities as well concerning various rights based issues namely poverty,education,food and nutrition, health and shelter ,peace,discrimination,disability,child labour,armed conflicts, sexual exploitation, environment,violence against children,media,children in conflict with law.

Children are trained in various forms of arts namely water colouring,painting,pencil sketching, oil on canvas Painting,miniature painting, cartooning and computer graphics,pottery painting,portrait and figure drawing ,floor painting – rangoli and kollam,crayons and oil pastel work,modern painting,clay modeling,glass painting,Tanjore painting,pencil drawing, pot painting and embossed painting, folk arts and dances,which are used to portray and convey messages relating to children's rights to survival,protection,development and participation that are enshrined in the UN Convention of the rights of the child. Children learn of the various issues and concerns which affect them through their active participation in the artwork. In point of fact, the art painting and folk art media serve as power tools to promote and propagate the rights of children among the children and local communities. Children in these artwork groups not only get themselves empowered but also sensitise other children to their rights and needs and also adults as to their responsibility in protecting and promoting the ethos of 'Children First' through their artwork.